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gcIf you are a professional contract or home builder and are looking to make more profit at the same time providing a great quality cabinet for your customer.

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RTA Cabinets or Ready to Assemble Cabinets are a knocked down cabinet that comes flat packed in a box. Commonly referred to also as KD Cabinets.

The average 10×10 kitchen in RTA Cabinets is under $2,000!

RTA Kitchen Cabinets don’t sacrifice quality for price. They are 100% solid plywood construction with solid maple wood doors and face frames so you know you are giving your customer a quality product.

They also come with all the bells and whistles like dove tail drawer with soft close feature.

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Why choose RTA Cabinets?

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These are cabinets that are made from 100% plywood . Any color or style is available or individuals who choose to use these state of the art cabinets. In the event of a kitchen remodel these cabinets can save you a great deal of money. A standard kitchen remodel may cost upwards of 20,000 dollars. Save a great deal of money with ready to assemble cabinets, that are strong, durable and a great option for homeowners who want to have a great looking product and save a bit of cash in the process.

Get cabinets that have your favorite wood veneers on them, or those that are unpainted it is completely up to you. Your choice of cabinetry can be yours for a low price and can make your kitchen as beautiful as people who have paid a great deal more money.
Take advantage of ordering and purchasing these stellar cabinets online. They can be a fantastic addition to your home at a fraction of the price of regular cabinets. These are great cabinets at wholesale prices.
These ready to assemble cabinets can meet your needs to have great cabinets. Everything from basic cabinets to all wood cabinets are readily available. Take a few minutes to look at our selection, and see the type of cabinets that are available for homeowners. We can give you the cabinets you need at the price you can afford. Our ready to assemble cabinets are the kitchen cabinet items you may wish to consider for your next home remodel project. These are high quality items that can assist individuals with their need for great cabinets.
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Are buying kitchen cabinets from IKEA a good idea?

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Flat pack kitchen cabinets have been growing in popularity among homeowners looking for a different option to the cabinets produced in the major hardware stores across the US. The Swedish home furniture manufacturer, Ikea has been a major force in kitchen design across Europe for many years and has now extended its reach into North America, where many homeowners are being attracted by their high quality and large amount of options for quick installation and possible customization.

In the 21st century a high number of interior designers have been making the move towards Ikea kitchens. Not only do they run the entire range of budgetary options, but they offer a fast service that beats waiting for a custom kitchen to be built and delivered to your door. Many high end designers have switched to Ikea kitchens to cut down on the time a project takes to complete and to have the opportunity to use the high quality hardware produced by the Swedish manufacturer.Alongside the 25 year warranty the majority of Ikea kitchens com with, the large choice available to buyers when it comes to styles is also a bonus. The chance for an individual to choose their cabinet styles Online has also increased the popularity of the brand amongst those embarking on a kitchen remodel. When we make the comparison of Ikea flat pack kitchen cabinets that can be assembled and installed ourselves and custom made cabinets we obviously see a large difference in price. This can leave a large amount of money to invest in other areas of the kitchen, such as the countertops and appliances.

“‘When an Ikea kitchen is purchased the homeowner is also given the opportunity to install the cabinets themselves, which can save a family thousands of dollars in contractor costs”. These savings on kitchen cabinets can be poured back into the kitchen to create the cooking area of our dreams on a smaller budget than could possibly have been imagined.
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What you should know when you buy Kraftmaid Kitchen Cabinets!

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In the plentiful market of kitchen cabinets, Kraftmaid does a great job of making a durable and unique type of product. They also offer any style of kitchen cabinet in any finish that you could ever want. If you are looking for a brand that will have absolutely everything you need when it comes to kitchen cabinetry then it is a good idea to stop at Kraftmaid. Go with a dark finish for a more elegant look or go with a lighter finish for a more casual look. Also, these cabinets are ready to assemble as well so you do not have to hire an experienced carpenter to get them built and up in your kitchen.

Ready to assemble cabinets are developed with the consumer in mind. Many times the labor required to build kitchen cabinets costs more than the cabinets themselves. Luckily, with these RTA cabinets you can do it in your own home without having to buy any extra equipment. RTA cabinets come with the boards of the cabinets, the shelves inside, and the screws needed to connect them all together. With their simple and detailed instructions you will be sure to build them to last until you want to redecorate again!Kraftmaid offers the variety that you need when finding the perfect style for your kitchen. The first choice for style to make is whether you want hard or softwood cabinets. Hard wood comes from oak, birch, maple, cherry, and hickory trees. Soft wood comes from pine, spruce and cedar trees. Certain types of wood may go better with the type of finish that you want so take that in to consideration. Also, pick the right grain of wood that goes for the look that you want. Grain varies tremendously and you will have to see each piece to know exactly how it is.

The finish on Kraftmaid kitchen cabinets also come in different styles ranging from a glazed paint to stained finishes. Burnished finishes will give a darker, more natural look. “Combine all of these aspects together and you will find the perfect kitchen cabinets for your home”.

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DON’T BUY Laminate Kitchen Cabinets until you read this!

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More homeowners these days are going green on the inside and outside of their homes”. . The reason being is that the three materials that are eco-friendly are more durable and withstands more years of use then traditional materials such as wood.

Additionally these materials are affordable and very attractive. These materials are cork, bamboo and laminate. Laminate is durable, hard wearing, affordable, economical, easy to clean, attractive, fashionably trendy, and best of all they are green.Kitchens are the heart of any home so therefore the kitchen needs to contain materials that look attractive, last for years, and are affordable. A homeowner could ask for no more then to invest in laminate kitchen cabinets.There are too many styles, finishes and designs available in laminate kitchen shop rta cabinets reviews to list. Homeowners need to research the many styles and designs they think will answer their taste in updating their kitchen area.

Laminate kitchen cabinets stand up to pet and kid abuse. Available is either a high pressure or low pressure laminate, of course the high pressure laminate offers a higher degree of protection, but both are durable. Homeowners who are on a tight budget generally find laminate cabinets affordable. Laminate kitchen cabinets always are a right choice to transform a drab kitchen into a showplace of beauty.

The kitchen of any home is one of the most expensive rooms to remodel or update. There are many affordable ways in which to update kitchen cabinets by using laminate. Homeowners are able to purchase ready to install laminate kitchen cabinets. A large kitchen is more affordable to update with new laminate kitchen cabinets then the price of wood cabinets, and laminate is as attractive and outlasts wood. Doing this update lasts for years and only adds value to the home when the homeowner decides to sell.

  Founder of This website has sold over 10,000 kitchen cabinet orders since its been founded in 2004. They are also the direct importer of their own brand of rta cabinets, also sold on the website.
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Why should you purchase the BEST Quality Kitchen Cabinets

Why should you purchase the BEST Quality Kitchen Cabinets

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Shopping for kitchen cabinets can be a complicated task if one does not know what to look for. There are a few things to consider when shopping for kitchen cabinets. The type of wood the cabinets are made of, the finish and drawer action are some of the features that should be considered.
One of the aspects of kitchen cabinets to consider is the kind of wood the cabinets are made of. For wood selection, color, the kind of wood or type, and the grain of the wood are important features to consider. One of the most common types of wood used on kitchen cabinets is oak. Oak is a strong wood. It can be painted and stained with many different colors. Other high quality woods that could be considered are cherry, hickory, pine and maple. Cherry is famous for its smooth quality. Its color gets deeper as it gets older giving it a very elegant look. Hickory is a very strong and heavy wood that has streaks in its grain. Pine works well with antiquing methods and is often used in country houses. Maple has a wavy grain and is very durable.
Another thing to consider when choosing kitchen cabinets is whether frameless or framed cabinets are preferred. Frameless cabinets generally have more space inside than framed cabinets. If there is not a lot of kitchen space available, perhaps frameless cabinets could be considered.
The finish of kitchen cabinets is also important. Flaws such as stains in cracks and creases and unsanded areas are some of the indicators of lower quality cabinets. Cabinets that have a well-prepared finish can resist wear and tear much better and for much longer than cabinets that have not had finish applied well.
Drawer action is another important thing to check when selecting kitchen cabinets. High quality cabinet drawers have a smooth slide, even when there is a considerable amount of weight in them.
High quality kitchen cabinets are very durable and can help make a kitchen look beautiful. Knowing what to look for can help make shopping for kitchen cabinets a smooth experience.

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Prestige Cabinets Glitz and Glamor

Prestige Cabinets Glitz and Glamor

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Home improvements can increase your home’s value by thousands of dollars. However, it can cost you thousands to make those home improvements as well. Right? When you are considering ways to save on home improvements and expensive remodeling projects, you want the best that your hard earned money can buy, and you want it at an affordable price. With RTA, or, Ready To Assemble cabinets you get just that, the best quality cabinets for your kitchen project, and a smile knowing that you have extra money in your pocket. Let’s say you are planning to install new kitchen cabinets and you’ve been everywhere comparing prices. And, let’s assume those prices were ridiculous and budget straining. And, you know that you may have to spend more by hiring someone to install the cabinets for you once you purchase them. With ready To Assemble cabinets, you don’t have those kinds of worries.

What You Should Know:
Do you know that millions of people pay high dollar prices for cabinet doors made of low quality materials, like particle board? Sure it looks alright but those people don’t realize that their cabinets may not last half as long as the RTA cabinets because of the material used to make the expensive low quality cabinet doors they purchased. After years of use they’ll end up spending more money to repair or replace those cabinets again. That can really put a strain on your wallet. Right? After all, no one has money to throw away. With ready to assemble cabinets you get high quality wood cabinets that last for ages and you never have to worry about spending more than the product is worth.

The Benefits Of RTA Cabinets:
With prestige RTA Cabinets, you get high quality wood cabinet doors at wholesale prices. And, you can order them online for added convenience to you. RTA Cabinets are made with the customer in mind. These cabinets are made with a hundred percent plywood boxes and solid frames. Plus, you can assemble them when you’re ready. So the benefits are multiple. It’s really quite simple. RTA Cabinets can save your money, save your time and put a satisfied smile on your face. So order when you’re ready!

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