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The Benefits Of Unassembled Kitchen Cabinets by Frank LaMark

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For the most part the kitchen cabinet industry included already assembled kitchen cabinets that were both finished and unfinished. You could purchase those cabinets and either install them yourself or have a professional contractor do the job for you. More recently, unassembled kitchen cabinets have become popular. They hold a number of different benefits to them and are extremely convenient when you are updating your current kitchen.Pricing
Unassembled kitchen cabinets are far more affordable than already assembled versions. This is because labor costs are minimal within the factory that produces the cabinets. Aside from the manufacture of the pieces, you or a contractor are doing the actual assembly work.Ordering Convenience
“When you are shopping for kitchen cabinets you have a lot more options when you choose unassembled versions” quotes Frank LaMark. This is because you can now turn to the internet or a catalog for more options and it won’t cost you a small fortune to have cabinets shipped right to your doorstep. Previously, you were somewhat limited to purchasing cabinets from a store that you could immediately load the product up and take it home. Unassembled cabinets come right to your door, safe in their boxes.Unassembled kitchen cabinets have come a long way says Frank LaMark. At one time there were not many varieties or options available. Today, you can order all kinds of cabinets from the internet and put them together yourself to save you some money. Just like you would assemble a bunk bed or a toy chest, you can not assemble kitchen cabinets on your own; making sure the job is done right and you have a perfect final product.

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Frank LaMark is a contributing author in the kitchen and bath industry with over 15 years experience in kitchen and bath remodeling and design.