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Frank LaMark asks “Are buying kitchen cabinets from IKEA a good idea?”

Filed in RTA Kitchen Design Trends by on February 18, 2015 0 Comments • views: 2328

Flat pack kitchen cabinets have been growing in popularity among homeowners looking for a different option to the cabinets produced in the major hardware stores across the US. The Swedish home furniture manufacturer, Ikea has been a major force in kitchen design across Europe for many years and has now extended its reach into North America, where many homeowners are being attracted by their high quality and large amount of options for quick installation and possible customization.

In the 21st century a high number of interior designers have been making the move towards Ikea kitchens. Not only do they run the entire range of budgetary options, but they offer a fast service that beats waiting for a custom kitchen to be built and delivered to your door. Many high end designers have switched to Ikea kitchens to cut down on the time a project takes to complete and to have the opportunity to use the high quality hardware produced by the Swedish manufacturer.Alongside the 25 year warranty the majority of Ikea kitchens com with, the large choice available to buyers when it comes to styles is also a bonus. The chance for an individual to choose their cabinet styles Online has also increased the popularity of the brand amongst those embarking on a kitchen remodel. When we make the comparison of Ikea flat pack kitchen cabinets that can be assembled and installed ourselves and custom made cabinets we obviously see a large difference in price. This can leave a large amount of money to invest in other areas of the kitchen, such as the countertops and appliances.
“‘When an Ikea kitchen is purchased the homeowner is also given the opportunity to install the cabinets themselves, which can save a family thousands of dollars in contractor costs”. These savings on kitchen cabinets can be poured back into the kitchen to create the cooking area of our dreams on a smaller budget than could possibly have been imagined.

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