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Stick to the Plan & Expect Overages on Your Kitchen Remodel

Filed in Kitchen Problems & Solutions by on August 30, 2013 0 Comments • views: 665

Sometimes plans do not work out the way that you thought they would originally. This fact of life is particularly true over the course a kitchen remodel. Each of the components, the cabinets, the counters, the tile, the plumbing, and everything else that goes into a kitchen remodeling plan, do not typically work out financially exactly as one plans. Too many little hidden details can change the finished price on any of these items. How does one then deal with such a situation?

One actually plans for the unexpected, especially for more expensive endeavors such as remodels. Allow a little bit of wiggle room under your budget plan for the kitchen remodel to allow small overages in expenses that might unexpectedly come up. This wiggle room will keep the overall budget from going over what you have set aside for the kitchen. You will then be able to have your cake, the kitchen you have dreamed about, and eat it too, staying within your budget.Kitchen Budgets

Frank LaMark says “However, do not let this wiggle room in your budget plan talk you into buying something you did not originally desire or need. Stick to the plan you started with, while remembering to allow some work related overages in the budget. If you do not expect to need double decked ovens for anything but Thanksgiving Day, do not put them in. Likewise, do not put in higher grade counter-tops if they were not in the plan for the remodel plans from start. Sticking to a concrete plan for your kitchen will keep you focused so that the wiggle room does not become an issue.

Sticking to an overall plan for your kitchen remodel will help keep you on budget. In addition, the expectation of the unexpected financially will also keep the remodel running smoothly to its completion. The combination of plan and expectation will consequently result in a kitchen and home that you and your family will be able to enjoy for years to come. You also be able to easily rest in satisfaction that this wonderful kitchen did not break the budget you had set for it.


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