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What are the three most important things that homeowners want when choosing kitchen cabinet designs?

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RTA Kitchen Cabinets – A Perfect Blend of Durability and Functionality

The three most important things that homeowners want when choosing kitchen cabinet designs are functionality, durability and aesthetic appeal. Every functional kitchen must have the best kitchen cabinets that not only offer a perfect storage solution, but also provide the best chance to make optimal use of space that is available.

Redoing the kitchen is the best way to give its interiors a makeover and it also helps in increasing the value of the property. These days, there are so many colors and styles available in the kitchen cabinetry that you can easily find one that fit your needs and budgets.

“These days, RTA (ready to assemble) are preferred choice of millions as they are generally quite sturdy, strong, termite resistant, and offer a good investment option”.President of an online retailer of rta cabinets. Wood types like maple, oak, hickory and pine are some of the most used variants in the kitchen cabinet designs. Hickory and oak wood kitchen cabinets are usually tougher and heavier, and hence more stable and long lasting.

Mostly of the RTA wood kitchen cabinets are shipped to buyers partially assembled. An average RTA cabinet comes pre-assembled as a cabinet to which kitchen cupboard exteriors are attached. An average person with basic DIY skills can assemble these cabinets and saves hundreds of dollars in installation charges. Installation instructions are included with the product.

The biggest advantage of RTA kitchen cabinets is their cost. A set of RTA cabinets for an average kitchen can be easily ordered online for less than $2000, or less, which is much less than the price of traditional wood kitchen cabinets. Another benefit of RTA kitchen cabinets is the time needed to assemble them. While it may take weeks to install custom cabinets, you can install a set of RTA kitchen cabinets within hours.

There are few things that you should look for when ordering your RTA kitchen cabinets. The first and the most important one is the construction of cabinets. The biggest concern is the storage areas and boxes of the cabinets. They should be made using sturdy plywood and not MDF particle board. Plywood lasts longer than some materials used in the custom cabinets.

The exteriors of the cabinets should be made using real wood, such as maple, pine and rosewood. High quality RTA cabinets are equipped with the cam locks that work much better than the standard lock assemblies. The cabinet hinges are made using sturdy metal so they last for years. You can get RTA cabinets in more than 30 colors and styles, and all reputable sellers ship them within 2-4 weeks. All RTA kitchen cabinets are shipped with installation instructions and requisite warranty. Many companies even offer online assistance to their customers.

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